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Bayfield Jam Sample Pack

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At the Bayfield Apple Company, we make delicious jams, jellies, fruit butters and fruit mustards.  All of our products are made in small batches, at our orchard, with our farm fresh fruit.  Pure & simple; our products contain no additives or preservatives!  If you have never tasted one of our products, here’s the best way to try them out!  One Bayfield Apple Company Sampler Pack contains:

  • 1 jar Apple Jam (15 oz) – Simple & sweet.  Apples, sugar & a touch of cinnamon.
  • 1 jar No-Sugar-Added Apple Butter (14 oz) – Just our apples and cinnamon, a customer favorite!
  • 1 jar Apple Jelly (9 oz) – The juice from our apples, cooked with sugar.  A sweet apple treat.
  • 1 jar Apple Mustard (8 oz) – A unique and savory mustard, one of our most popular products.  Great on meat or sandwiches, or as a glaze or dip!
Producer: Lake Superior CSA
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