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"I was thrilled with the quality of the fruits and vegetables we received! The produce was ALWAYS fresh and tasted amazing! It was a special treat each week to see what came in the box and then to have the recipes and tips to store/care for it was so helpful.  The plus share was such a bonus – I never thought I would like fermented vegetables until I skeptically tried the Curtido….I fell in love!"  - Angel Hohenstein

"Quality, quality, quality! I can’t believe it....makes me wonder what I’ve been eating all this time! After trying two things, it’s a game changer for my house."  - Anna Connolly

Special Orders


Next delivery will be Wednesday, March 7th!


Order what you want, when you want it.

We offer a large variety of products from all of our producers at Bayfield Foods Cooperative. Order what you want, pick where you want it delivered, and pick the date. It’s all up to you!

Things to Know:

1. You can order anytime online and pay using PayPal (if this doesn’t work for you email me at csamanager@bayfieldfoodproducers.org and I’ll work something out for you)

2. Pick-ups are available at all our  CSA Pick-Up Locations.

3. You choose the product and the drop-point and we’ll deliver it.

Grass-fed Ground Beef
27 # ($165.24)
10 # ($61.20)
5 # ($30.60)
Maple Syrup
One Gallon ($57.60)
Case of Quarts ($180.00)
Case of Pints ($96.00)
Case of Half Pints ($60.00)
One Bushel Apples
  Haralson (Sold Out)
  Honey Crisp (Sold Out)
  Cortlands (Sold Out)
Pasture Raised Chicken - Pieced
8 Piece Chicken (2 chickens) ($63.60)
8 Piece Chicken (5 chickens) ($127.20)
8 Piece Chicken (6 chickens) ($0.00)
Pasture Raised Chickens - Whole
6 Whole Chickens ($215.57)
3 Whole Chickens ($107.90)
Pulled Pork
5 # Package ($43.50)
2 # Package ($17.40)