Flower Bouquets

Bring a little of the glorious color of the farm home with fresh-cut seasonally picked flower bouquets from Wild Hollow Farm. Flower varieties in each bouquet will reflect what is blooming on our farm, and will vary from week to week. Expect a beautiful array of colors and textures, all grown without chemical use and wrapped in a brown paper sleeve.     


Spring Tulip Bouquets -  5 weeks - $12.60 per delivery ($63)

From approximately mid-April to the end of May, you will receive weekly bouquets of fresh-cut tulips – five weeks of five different tulip varieties. Our unique tulip varieties are carefully chosen to offer you an amazing array of colors, scents, and forms. We plant them in our hoop house, which yields early and stunningly beautiful blooms!

 Available at Trinity Lutheran Church, University of Wisconsin-Superior, United Presbyterian Church, and City of Duluth ONLY


Flower Bouquets      

  • Every Week- 14 weeks - $15 per delivery ($210)      
  • Every Other Week Share - 7 weeks - $15.70 per delivery ($110)


From approximately mid-June to mid-September, you will receive a weekly bouquet of fresh-cut seasonal flowers. Species of flowers will vary from week to week, depending on what is in bloom at the time. You can expect each bouquet to contain a minimum of 4-5 different varieties of fresh-cut flowers. We grow nearly a hundred varieties of annual and perennial flowers, each carefully chosen to offer you a unique array of colors, textures, scents, and forms throughout the growing season.