Starlite Kitchen

Kathy Presnell
Bayfield, WI

Phone: 715-779-0175

Starlit Kitchen began as a summer enterprise designed to supplement a single mom’s employment income by way of selling baked goods at the Bayfield Farmer’s Market.  Using the kitchen at Wild By Nature in the wee starlit hours, Starlit Kitchen was able to cultivate a following among local restaurants and food retailers.  After developing a plan for a certified kitchen in her home, Kathy received a conditional use permit from the City of Bayfield to move forward with construction. Four months of fixture research and some remodeling of one bedroom into a certified kitchen preceded Starlit Kitchen’s official introduction to the Bayfield Farmers Market as an independent enterprise the following summer.

Starlit Kitchen has evolved each year.  Each winter, more complex and interesting goods are developed and added to the following summer’s repertoire. The bakery’s gross income has roughly doubled each year of business to become the major source of revenue for the Presnell household.

All of Kathy’s loaves are 100% vegan and most are made using flour from Maple Hill Farm.  There is an ongoing effort to include as much locally grown fruit, berries, herbs, grain and product in Starlit Kitchen goods as possible.