Northcroft Farm

Brian Clements

Northcroft Farm is dedicated to the production of high quality fruit, vegetables, and meat.   At Northcroft, we believe that producing food in a responsible fashion is critical to supporting a healthy lifestyle, a clean environment and a strong middle class.

At Northcroft Farm we enjoy the new and different, which is why we grow a variety of unusual vegetables including tomatillos, dragons tongue beans, and chinese eggplant.  Every year we grow a few new crops for their unusual flavors, colors, or uses.

Our customers can proudly say that the food they consume is produced:

  • without harmful chemicals, pesticides or artificial growth hormones,
  • using methods that prevent soil quality degradation
  • by people you know and trust


  • Stop by the farm or visit us at a farmers’ market – we’d love to meet you and hear what you have to say