Maple Hill Farm

The Cogger Family 
Maple Hill Farm LLC, founded in 1995, is a solar powered family farm that produces a variety of sustainably raised farm products. Providing a local source of quality sustainably grown and raised products is our mission.  We have been in the business of raising hogs since 1995 and take great pride in raising top quality pork under the most natural conditions.  To provide the best quality pork we raise our hogs from farrow to finish.  Our hogs are pastured, allowing them access to feeds grown on the farm and they have continuous access to fresh air, shade and water.  We grow much of our feed and our purchased feed is specially prepared and do not contain any sub-therapeutic antibiotics, animal by-products or growth hormones.
Customer feedback on our pork is always extremely positive.  We also raise tomatoes and peppers in our
25 ft.x95 ft. greenhouse. Maple Hill Farm is known for it’s whole wheat and rye flour that is grown and milled
on the farm. In addition, handcrafted soaps and handmade wool wear are available in our on-farm store.