Griggs Cattle Co.

Toby Griggs
60435 Maple Ridge Road
Ashland, WI 54806

The Griggs Cattle Co. produces quality, grass-fed, organically-raised beef cattle using rotational grazing practices that comply with organic certification requirements established by the Midwest Organic Services Association (M.O.S.A.). We have been operating since September, 2013 and a producing member of the co-op since January, 2013. During the Summer grazing season we rotate the herd through 10 “paddocks” which cover 134 acres interconnected throughout the entire farmstead. We divide each paddock into smaller areas about 1 acre in size using “portable” fencing and move them 3 to 4 times a day. This practice enables better control of amount of the amount forage they consume, improves the regrowth of the stand, better insures we have enough grass to last the growing season, and spreads their manure throughout the entire grazing system.  During the Winter months the herd dwells in a selected paddock for a month or more before being moved, while we fed them hay bales which are manually unrolled. This practice spreads the hay across the paddock, rejuvenating existing forages with organic residue and seed, while spreading cattle manure without using fuel or machinery. We believe this to be an important conservation practice reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping the environment. Our calves are born in the months of April through May typically but sometimes into early June. This practice gives the newborns milder weather conditions to start out and thereby improving their survival rate and reducing chances for disease in their early months of life. Bull calves become steers at about 6 months and are typically ready to become beef after 24 months old. At about 12 months age Heifers are either selected for breeding or are designated to become beef after reaching 24 months or more. Genetics plays a large role in this decision. We take great pride in our role of producing quality beef naturally raised, never fed grain, never administered hormones or anti-biotics, and in our method of farming with good conservation practices. We hope you enjoy our beef products often.

Toby & Pam Griggs